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Worst Foods & Drinks for your Teeth

  • Watch your citrus intake.  Frequent exposures to acidic foods can erode enamel, making teeth more susceptible to decay over time.  By eroding the enamel, teeth can also become more sensitive.  Drink plenty of water after eating fruit to wash away the acid.
  • Tea and coffee.  On their own they are not too bad (apart from staining teeth) but it’s the added sugar that can lead to decay.  Caffeinated tea and coffee can also dry out the mouth.
  • Sticky foods such as dried fruit are actually a nightmare for teeth!  Not only are they high in sugar but their sticky nature means that they stay stuck on the teeth for a long time.
  • Carbonated soft drinks and sports/energy drinks.  These are packed with sugar and acids and therefore have the potential to cause cavities and erosion.  Even the diet versions are very acidic so avoid as much as possible or drink with a straw.
  • Hard foods such as hard sweets and even ice! Be careful when eating very hard foods as this can lead to chipping of teeth.
  • Gummy sweets.  Not only are they high in sugar but they leave sticky little traces in between the teeth and around the gums long after you have finished eating leading to the breakdown of enamel.
  • Alcohol is highly acidic and also full of sugar.  It also has a diuretic effect on the body.  Our mouths naturally produce saliva which promotes a healthy bacterial balance by creating conditions that help beneficial bacteria thrive and also reduces plaque build up but alcohol consumption inhibits this.
  • White bread.  When you chew on bread, enzymes in saliva break down the starch into sugar.  It is now transformed into a gummy substance which sticks in between the teeth, causing damage to your enamel.




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