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The Importance of a Sports Gumshield

It’s hard to remember everything that your child needs before they return to school but there is one thing that we believe is absolutely vital to add to that list and that is a sports gum shield.

Many cases of accidental tooth loss is caused by sports injuries and the majority of these could have been avoided by wearing a gum shield.

Of course, you could buy an inexpensive “one size fits all” mouth guard that you can find in your local sports shop but they do not offer sufficient protection, are uncomfortable to wear and will probably never leave your child’s sport bag never mind the burnt fingertips and gums trying to mould it with hot water!

A good gum shield should offer excellent protection, be comfortable and well-fitting and not prone to dislodging on impact.

According to the British Orthodontic Society, “studies have shown that between 13% and 39% of all dental injuries are sports related. Approximately 25% of children in the UK will injure or lose a front tooth at some stage. Contact sports are increasingly popular which has resulted in a rise of traumatic dental injuries”.  Therefore a properly fitting gum shield is essential.

We will take an impression of your teeth and in just 1 week you will have a gum shield which fits your teeth exactly in a colour or colours of your choice.

With proper care a good quality gum shield may last several years. They should be:

  • Rinsed thoroughly before and after each use
  • Cleaned after use in cold, soapy water before being thoroughly rinsed
  • Kept away from sunlight or very hot water
  • Regularly checked for any signs of wear and tear

Speak to us today about arranging an appointment for a gum shield.  It may help save a fortune (and a tooth!) in the long run




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