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Our Coronavirus Protocol

Your next dental visit post lockdown will be quite different and this is how we will have to operate over the coming months.  We would appreciate your help in following the points below so that we can keep one another safe.

1.  We will be operating a locked door policy.  Please do not come to the practice if you do not have an appointment. 

2. You will be asked questions regarding your health when making an appointment so that we can assess whether or not you are possibly COVID negative.  These questions will be asked again before you enter the building.  Please do not turn up for your appointment  if you are unwell or have been in contact with someone who has been ill in the last 14 days.

3.  Please let our reception staff know if you fall into the vulnerable category due to either age or an underlying health condition as we would prefer to book you in at the very start of a clinical session to reduce the risk of you coming into contact with other patients. 

4. Please try and use your own bathroom before coming to the practice.  If you do have to use our toilet, please inform our reception staff as we have to clean and disinfect the toilet after every use.   As much as dentists appreciate it, please don't worry about brushing your teeth when you arrive!
5.  Do not turn up too early for your appointment.  This is to prevent people congregating in reception.  When you are outside, please phone the practice and we will open the door.  Please come alone if possible and only bring essential items with you. 

6. You will be asked to use the alcohol gel that is situated to the right of the entry into reception.  Please do not come wearing gloves. 
7.  We will try and direct patients straight into the surgery where possible.  Our staff will have PPE on already so please do not be alarmed at the sight of us!  It is for everyone's safety. 
If you are bringing a child, please warn them beforehand as our appearance may be a bit scary for the little ones.  Belfast HSC Trust have released a great short video for children explaining what PPE is which you can access here and which you can show them before their appointment. 

8.  Once treatment has been carried out we will open the surgery door for you and would ask that you use the alcohol gel in the corridor again before leaving. 
9.  If you pay for your treatment, please try and pay by card if possible.

10.  Someone will then try and open the front door for you so you will be touching very little whilst you are in the building.  Please be aware that reception staff will be cleaning all surfaces every hour such as door handles and chairs in the reception area etc. 




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