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How to prevent a dental disaster this Christmas!

The run up to Christmas is a busy time of year so don’t leave any dental issues you think you might have to the last minute!  If you have any problems at all please phone the practice on (028) 90483119 so we can have your teeth in tip top condition for Christmas. Here's a few tips to help prevent any dental mishaps;

  • Christmas lunch is never complete without a cheeseboard but did you know that not only is cheese high in calcium, it helps to neutralise the acid of that festive glass of wine thereby protecting your enamel?
  • If you enjoy a glass of wine or two at Christmas, remember that white wine is very acidic and can cause erosion of your teeth so try and limit the number of glasses you have and drink with meals.  Red wine can also cause that dreaded staining of your teeth so don't forgot to keep a toothbrush handy if possible.
  • If you like fizzy mixers, try and drink with a straw  to help prevent erosion.
  • There is always an endless supply of chocolate, sweets and biscuits at Christmas which are difficult to say no to.  If possible, eat them after a meal or in one go as constantly snacking throughout the day produces acid which eats away at your enamel and may lead to cavities.

The team at Dental Care Dundonald wish all our patients, both current and future, a very Merry Christmas.  If you are thinking about New Years Resolutions for 2017, maybe adding "beating your dental fear" or "improving your smile" could be top of the list and if so, we would love to help you achieve this!




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