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Coronavirus and Emergency Appointments


As some of you are aware, the Acting Chief Dental Officer of Northern Ireland has informed us this week (June 2020) that we are now able to see more patients face to face for urgent emergency treatment only.

We are still unable to carry out any treatment that generates an aerosol such as fillings or root canal treatments and we are still unable to see patients for routine dental examinations at the minute (so some of you will have to wait a little bit longer for Orla to tell you off for not flossing enough!)

Our opening hours will remain 9am to 12pm Monday to Friday for the time being.  Please phone as close to 9am as possible if you would like to be seen that day.  If you do not want to attend the practice, our dentists are still available for telephone advice 7 days a week from 9am to 5pm. 

There will be a phased return to dentistry over the coming weeks.

Phase 2 will involve routine non-aerosol generating treatments such as dental examinations, scaling of teeth using hand instruments only, any denture work and orthodontic appointments.

Phase 3 will see a return to aerosol generating procedures such as fillings and root canal treatments. 

The Acting CDO has given no indication of when each Phase can be implemented but we will inform you all as soon as we hear. 

Please bear with us as we adapt to each phase and get to grips with a new "normal" with regard to dentistry.

We understand that some of you may be feeling very apprehensive about  returning to the practice but please be assured that the safety of both our patients and our team will always be our main priority.  The dental industry is a leader in the medical field in terms of early adoption and compliance with cross infection control standards and Dental Care Dundonald is no different. (I'm sure some of you may even remember a time when dentists didn't even wear gloves!) 

We are busy working away in the background, sourcing appropriate PPE and keeping abreast of all the latest Coronavirus developments to ensure that your visit will be as safe as possible.




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