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6 Easy Ways to Improve Your Dental Routine

  1. Change the way you hold your toothbrush.  Your toothbrush should be held at a 45 degree to your teeth to allow you to clean effectively around the gum line.
  2. Brush for 2 minutes.  This ensures that all surfaces are brushed well.
  3. Be gentle!!  By brushing too hard, you can cause your gums to recede thereby exposing the roots of your teeth which can in turn lead to sensitivity.
  4. Don’t rinse after you brush.  This washes away all the toothpaste from your teeth, thereby not giving your toothpaste a chance to do what it needs to do!
  5. FLOSS!.  By not flossing you are missing a whopping 35% of your teeth surfaces!  Many cavities start in between your teeth where your toothbrush can’t reach.
  6. Change your toothbrush regularly.  Old, splayed bristles are ineffective at cleaning teeth correctly.  Brushes should be changed at least every 3 months and after you have been unwell.




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