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3 Signs of an Impacted Wisdom Tooth

Wisdom teeth are also known as your 3rd and/or last molars.  These are usually the last permanent teeth to come through although some people may be missing 1 or 2 or in some cases all 4! 

When they start erupting (cutting through the gum), they can be painful but even more so if they are impacted. 

The 3 signs that your wisdom tooth could be impacted are;

  • Pain centred around the back of the mouth. 
  • Swollen, tender, red or bleeding gums.
  • Swelling around the jaw. You may also suffer from swollen glands, difficulty in opening your mouth and bad taste in mouth and/or bad breath.

If you think that your wisdom teeth are impacted, please consult your dentist as soon as possible as it can cause gum disease and tooth decay in either the wisdom tooth and/or the neighbouring tooth.

Your dentist can advise you on whether the wisdom tooth may need to be removed and if so, whether or not a specialist referral to an oral surgeon will be required.




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